Self Portrait

I am a  dreamer. I like photography and have been working at it for several years. I spend time observing, scouting, and picking my photos. I participate in street photography, my portraits are casual.

I  have been called kind in my editing choices. My goal is to make my subjects look their best. I don't over Photoshop. I like a certain amount of reality. Interested in fashion, statue, period costumes, outdoors, natural, any age, hands are interesting to me.

I have a degree and experience in the theatre, so some of my ideas might be prop and costume heavy and movie oriented. I am a retired veteran.

Looking for those who are interested in being photographed.

Maybe it could be you.


Student, artist, wise woman, reluctant model, great photographer.

Walks with flowers, talks with birds. Never can tell with bees.

Loves to study family histories, genealogy and esoteric things. Trained actor, director, researcher, designer and movie buff.

Library Director

Untitled photo

Together we currently live on the coast of Maine. We have traveled to many places around the world and plan on at least one more trip east of here. We have a history of volunteering, training, serving. Assimilated into the web, waiting to cut the cords. We have a patch of wilderness to call our own, a garden to grow our flowers, herbs and maybe some food.

Thanks for stopping by.


The Junk Rig Association Issue 78, October 2018; New England Junket 2018 by Shemaya Laurel

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